TD Bank touts itself as the most convenient bank. Try and call their customer service number . . .if you need to speak to a customer service rep, you'll be told that wait times are long, and you might want to call back.

Going into the "store" (we used to call them "banks," you will often have to wait on a long line to see a single teller, because the other teller slots are empty or are all counting large numbers of bills for commercial customers. For those of us who need to bank inside, this is a real disappointment.

It may be the best bank in our area, but they have a long way to go, before they become truly convenient.

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I too am a TD Bank employee and I agree. People love to find something to complain about. We are truly AMERICA'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK!!!!


I actually work for TD Bank, and started there years ago when it was commerce. Yes alot of things have changed but with your problem has nothing to do with the actual bank.Having one teller just means that usually that time of the day it might be slow, thats just the managers way of scheduleing.

The only time it was hard to get through was when we switched and had some computer problems, the call center also had problems. Im proud that I work there, and its funny when people complain, they have no idea whats going on, they just like to yell.

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