1. Every time I go into our branch at McKenzie in S.E.

Calgary, the clerks are constantly doing an upsell. I'm sick of it.

2. I get solicited from them on the phone in the evenings and in my hard mail.

3. They managed to swindle out of me $17 a month to for overdraft insurance.

Yet, to use it, you have to apply for it!

4. The staff there are ignorant and talk down to their customers.

5. They offer no decent customer service on the phone. It will take you nearly an hour to get through on most days.

It doesn't matter the time you call either.

6. With over $100, 000 in the bank, they cut off the use of my credit card because I had not placed a payment by the statement due date. We had 4 deaths we were dealing with in the family, plus, a hail storm ruin.

7. Their staff are truly ignorant when it comes to dealing with the public.

Everything...is always someone else's department and you have to phone them. You can't have any issues either explained or resolved at your local branch anymore.


You stand in line waiting for a teller, and you can wait and wait until they have had their piece of pie, grabbed a coffee, and kibitzing with one another, slowly walk back to their respective teller, take a sip of coffee, then go through some information on their computer, and then finally ask you over. Like the customer's time is not important.

Product or Service Mentioned: Td Bank Customer Care.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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