I RECENTLY HAD A FAKE CHECKED BE ALLOWED TO GO INTO MY ACCOUNT AT A TD BANK BRANCH . Apparently, the teller made no record of the id used to cash it.

The fake check was for $5000 and the teller cashed out 2100 dollars. Strangely enough, this check was presented the same day my wife's direct deposit was going through. The teller made no notation of id on the check. Plus, my account is in New York, yet they let this check be cashed out in a NJ bank.

I filed a report immediately. Opened a new account as told to do. then all my accounts were frozen. I have no access to any of my real money.

And have really gotten no help. Why am I being penalized because of teller made a terrible error. TD is really become a very user friendly bank. there new rule od letting Debit cards be used without cash in account rackes them up 35.oo a pop.

They won't let you out of program. Finding a new bank.

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