This institution has resorted to unethical practices to hit the average Joe with unreasonable and unjustified fees. My sincere wish is that Anderson Cooper of CNN gets hold of this story and exposes this retaliatory attempt at recouping bad home loans they gladly handed out. The senior board members of this institution should be ashamed of themselves.

How can they issue overdraft fees on transactions that have not yet occurred. In other words if I set up an automatic payment for two weeks from today, this amount is immediately encumbered even though the money is still in your account and the payment does not show up on your account statement or balance. Their software people could easily accomplish this but they choose not to.

At the very least this is highly deceptive, at the very worst it is criminal.

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You guys have no idea, I work for them and the people that have fees dont know how to manage their accounts. Yes they changed a few things when we switched but they sent info out and Im sure you just threw it away.

They are going to be making serious changes in July which will stop overdraft. and to bill wood, You made that payment, vendors cant take out money unless you authorize it, how eles do they get ur account number, and if for some reason u didnt, TD will be happy to file a dispute, I do it all day....Cangri07 thanks for being the only with the right info


Everyone who got rip off by TD Bank should file a class action lawsuit again them. I had it with them!


I had the same problem but fought back hard and won. They didn't keep any fees they tried to charge me. Here is some contact information

Bharat.Masrani@tdbank.com, william.ryan@tdbanknorth.com,fred.graziano@tdbank.com, robert.falese@tdbank.com, stephen.boyle@tdbank.com

Also call Cheryl Cornish, she is a VP, 603-818-2177


TD Banknorth paid an electronic payment that i didn't authorize which overdrew my account and now want to charge me overdrew fees every 5 days.


you guys are morons tdbanknorth did not invest almost any money on morgatge loans during the recesion for o/d fees yea there unfair but what bank doesnt charge them keep a fuking check register morons


TD Banknorth holds onto deposits so that they can purposely charge OD feed on items that they make clear before the deposit is posted. UNETHICAL!

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