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Td bank is the worst bank i have ever dealt with. I set up my account when it was Commerce Bank and everything was great i had no complaints i opened 2 personal accounts and 2 business accounts.

Then TD bought them, and thats when things started to go bad. I moved and changed my address on all 4 of my accounts. After a few months of not receiving my business statements I called to find out what happened. They told me the address was not changed, and it could not be changed over the phone.

I returned to the branch to do the paperwork again, and gave them a few more months and still no change. I without exaggeration went through this process 12 times over the course of a year, and they just wouldn't change it.

I got so fed up with it i pulled my money out and went to a different bank. If they cant do something as simple as change an address i would not trust them with my money....

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I am in the process of closing my TD Bank accounts because trying to keep up with their errors has become a full-time job. Someone should investigate TD for its fraudulent practices. I don't believe that most of their errors are not intentional.

1. Their Bill Pay has become very slow. Even payments submitted two weeks in advance are arriving late at their destinations. This has led to penalties and interest charges by people I have paid in plenty of time. Imagine if TD is doing this on a wide scale. They are making millions off the float.

2. Their lobby people are the worst. Waited 20 minutes to make a deposit with only one other customer in front of me. Forced to listen to seven (!) employees talk about their personal matters and *** about their shifts. Teller shorted me by $1,000 because she was too busy talking. Had to go back in and point out the error. She attributed it to my hand writing! Only deposited one check.

3. They do everything in their power to trip you up with their lousy $35 overdraft fees. I made an honest error and wrote a bi check from thw wrong account. With all of their touted technology, they sent me a notice through the U.S. Postal Service. It took five days and they charged me over $500 in fees. No way to alert me online or call me.

4. Ordered new personal and business checks three times!!! It took nine weeks to finally complete the order. On the third attempt, they placed a rush order for my business checks and told their vendor to charge the bank the extra fee for thr rush. Screwed up again. $23 taken from my account. Called the manager. Noncommital. No action taken. After eight weeks, they discovered the first set of business checks had been sent to their office and had been sitting there for nearly two months. In the meantime, ordered a second set, which was never found and a third set which they overnighted to me. Then 11 weeks later the second set magically showed up in my mailbox.

5. Set up a small ($5,000) trust account for my daughter. Charged $12 a month in fees and received 75 cents interest. Called the manager three times. Never resolved the problem. Then one of the folks on the phone in customer service found that they had put me in account requiring a minimum balance of $10,000. They didn't even know it. Of course,I had to go to the bank personally to get it changed.

6. Turned me down for a credit card. I have a $25,000 Visa from Chase. Took four weeks to discover one of their lobby people put digits from my birthdate in the social security space. They were rude and unresponsive on the phone.

7. Their electronic transfer system is broken. I transferred $300 from checking to make a credit card payment and had the printed receipt. They claim I did not make a transfer. Guess what? A $35 (sound familiar) fee for late payment of my credit card. Then I transferred funds from my checking to my daughter's checking. She is a college student. Again, had the printed receipt for the transfer. Next day, she was embarrassed as she tried to check out at the supermarket. Not enough funds in the account. Transfer had not been made.

I could go on. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of good banks who want our business. I could not tolerate TD's incompetence, arrogance and sleaziness one more day. And then, without any notice, they changed theirpolicy of rebating ATM fees for using other banks by not rebating the fees and adding their own $2 charge per transaction. Pretty nervy with so few branches and ATM's available. Good bye TD and good riddance. If TD really stands for Toronto Dominion bank, let me suggest you go back to Canada. Someone needs to investigate this scam pool masquerading as a bank.


TD Bank will NEVER measure up to the old Commerce Bank that I opened my accounts with a long time ago. I've stayed with TD for too long, putting up with their inept and uninformed C.S.

I get a different explanation each time I call about an unexplained OD fee, or NSF fee charged to my account. The C.S.Rep would rattle off the transactions from her screen that were nowhere near to what I see on my screen.

Finally realized the way they post debit transactions was from large to small, and God forbid, if you're short a penny from the large debit, and still have 5 little transactions after that, you can bet your lifesavers there will be a fee of $165 the morning after. That's how they make money! Since bigger guys won't ever have to worry about a negative balance, [TD] has to make money off little people who depend on what funds they have in the bank to live on.

And this is how they get away with it. (By the way - this method was sanctioned by a majority of their bank customers from a poll). Rather than posting the transactions in real time - whichever comes in first should be posted first - they post the largest first. Too bad if your account is short for the rest of the smaller transactions.

What burns me up more to learn their retail profit for last quarter has gone up 29%. Gee! Let me guess where they got all that money from??!??!?

I've had it. I'm moving [my pennies] to another bank.



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