TD Bank is the worst bank every they have no right to charge anyone a surcharge fee every month, I would not recommend anyone to open a account with them, their service STINKS.In life people goe through things and it not fair that they should be able to do charge a consumer a 15.00 dollar surcharge that has been with them since they were COMMERCE BANK.Who every owns this bank now is a money hungry ***.I will eventually pay my bill but they need to have some type of concertration for people whoo have no job or iether or a fixed income.

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Hainesport, New Jersey, United States #855286

Had to close our 1truck mom and pop trucking company due to lack of work and no money coming in got behind on all our bills especially mortgage loan with Tdbank.letters started coming in talking about foreclosure on our house.also could not make payments on lone because the account was frozen Called bank repeatedly no help from anyone . finely given a name and extension number to call ,talked to a person who was suppose to help us she said she would send out forms for us to fill out that supposingly help stop foreclosure lower our interested rate so we could get back on track.after going through all this we were told rate was not going down but up that money that was starting to come in due to both of us finely finding jobs we could afford to pay the higher rate even after we told this person it took almost every cent coming in to pay this one bill I asked what about all the other bill taxes electric gas food car ins.

doctors and all the other bills we were behind on we where told mortgage came first all the other thing would wait so to deal with it or lose our home so we have been dealing with it in December we received a letter asked to sign and return about the lone that stated we would continue to pay said amount till loan was paid off so we did that sent letter and this past December due to one of us winding up in the hospital for a month and then not going back to work for another two we fell behind once again but i called this person repeatly once again leaving messages on her phone never once did we get a call back from her asked to talk to her supervisor was told that person would call in 24 to48 hours never call us back when the money starting to come in we havebeen trying to make our payment s few days late but we're making them again this time no problems with a frozen account butforeclosure letters coming in told us were behind 364 days we owe over 16,000.00 we ask what happened to the money that we had been paying was told it was paying for all the past due payments and once again try to get in touch with this person asked to talk to someone else asked to having our accout taken over by someone else still no luck finely we were told and not by the person who is suppose to be handling all of this we had to go through all the paper work once again . to see if we could get a loan modification or could go for a short sale of our house oh and also told that this person did not receive the letter that we signed and sent back so she just wrote it off as not needing her assists any more didn't call us just assumed this so here we are ,we have asked for someone else to handle all this but are always told someone will call us back but no never due .so now what do we do our credit is screwed can't find anyone to refinance this loan and truly afraid of going through this all over again.


Stay away from TD Bank! hidden charges!


TD Bank is horrible, the rip their customers off with a lot of charges, their online banking is so slow, and you can't understand it, hidden fee,s they don't tell you about, beware take your hard earn money to anthor bank,


TD bank is the worst bank, they bought out riverside national bank which i had a car loan with. i was a perfect paying client and hit a rough patch.

my vechile was repoed just has i was just about to pay what i owned to catch up. They would not except the past payments plus 2 months in advance they wanted me to pay the whole loan or they will not release the vechile, For anyone one getting a car loan beware, doesn't make a difference if you have had 2 years perfect paying they don't care. Will not recommend them to anyone.

The personal working there have attiudes and have no understanding that hard working americans are trying to survive. like I said if you have a choice don't use TD bank they don't care about any person just money and if you don't have it then they say OH Well.

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