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i have been a customer of td,commerce bank for 13 years. after td bank took over there services they have gone in the crapper.why is it that after you deposit money into your account they release the first $100 then you have to wait for the rest to clear, either the next day or longer?

it wasn't like that before..what is it so different now?then when i deposit cash into my account i have to wait at least 2 days for the whole amount to be there?then i pay a bill using the on line banking like i always do..they paid the bill to the wrong address. i get the bill the next month thinking its paid i open it and it says you owe 2 months now because you never paid last month. i was so irate when i saw that.

i called there customer service line,what a joke, i waited on hold with everyone else who is fed up with all these fees and mistakes for over 10 minutes, just for them to apologize and say we will put a stop payment and mail you a check for the money. well that promise was 6 phone calls ago, 3weeks, and no more patience, and i still do not have my money!!!!!my bank account has been closed and i now bank with someone else.

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If you have a good credit standing you can talk to a rep at the bank and have the hold removed on your deposits.


"Convenient"...ha..not even the case.

How is convenient when I have representative from your company giving out incorrect information. Now, my money is taking away from me because your employee did not take the time to understand the information they were giving out. A representative gave me incorrect information about the availability of my money and now I am hit with an overdraft fee. Why would I put $415 in my account to overdraft a couple days later. The worst part was another representative even stated that if the funds were available on the day that the previous representative stated you would not have overdraft. So I get the short end of the stick because your people are giving bad information.I have experience some things with this bank, that makes me want to crawl back to Wells Fargo begging to be treat like *** again. :(

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