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This is in regard to the TD Bank branch in Sebastian, FL. I first want to say that I spoke to the Assistant Branch Manager 9/01/16 via phone and she is well aware of my dislike for my treatment there. I am going into the branch with my Mom tomorrow to hopefully close her account. I hope that they will not call in the authorities for what they ASSUME happened in my Mother's account nor the fact that I was less than nice when I spoke with the Assistant Manager. If they do, I will report back to you all on that treatment when I get bonded out! I'm irritated but trying to stay lighthearted, I don't expect that to actually happen but there may be a call to an Attorney on my part after this is over for defamation of character and/or slander. The Assistant Manager pretty much immediately "got me back" for expressing my feelings, but I will explain that later.

So, the call to my Mom's branch in Sebastian was prompted by yet again, another time I have gone to the bank (today in Vero Beach) and been embarrassed. I knew there were issues prior and was on the phone with my Mother while walking in the door to the bank to make sure she was available to speak with them if they called to verify with her that it was "ok" to cash the check she gave me. The teller who seemed to be new or baffled, turned the check over the what may have been a manager at the next window who proceeded to read the notes on the account, then called the Sebastian branch while ducking down below the counter for a moment, then she said "there are notes on the account that prevent me from cashing your check" while sliding a business card to me then basically shutting down, not once looking me in the eye. Just another fine example that they are "not" robots although you could have fooled me because they all act the same, trained and mechanical, is that really "banking human"? At times on my case, not even humane.

So to get to the big problem. My Mother has had a checking account with TD Bank for many years, about 7-8 years in Sebastian, she is almost 91 years old. Up until the last 2 years (until she had an accident) she was still pretty on top of things, including her finances. There was no need for me to assist her or intervene until after her accident, so I really didn't need to have interaction with the staff. It was possibly the anesthesia after the surgery, possible old age kicking in (and deservingly so) but Mom's short term memory is sometimes cloudy at best some days. My Stepfather has an account at another bank and he has needed assistance, which I've given him, with no issues (of my own doing) for 2 years now for him. I am my Mom's and Stepdad's only immediate family close by. I clean their home, do their shopping, run errands, take them to Dr.'s appointments and much more. I love them both and would never do anything to harm them nor their finances. This is where the problem comes in.

The staff at TD Bank in Sebastian, seem to think that they know what's best for my Mother more than I do. They have talked to her about problems in her account (alone), asking her questions, not realizing or caring that my Mom is hard of hearing, is legally blind and has short term memory issues. Just because she nodes her head and smiles does not give them the right to assume that she is agreeing with what they are saying. They have flat out assumed they "knew" what was going on by looking at deposits, withdrawals and charges on her account and pointing fingers. Even while at the branch 3 times with my Mother, and with her personal permission, they never answer my questions regarding issues and just dodge them. I am her daughter, I would like to be the one to protect my own Mother, to look into things I feel may be suspicious and/or address things that could be very easily cleared up. Now grant it, I am NOT on my Mom's account and do not have POA yet and I do understand the bank's obligation to their customer but this is another problem. The possible solution and suggestion of adding me on her account has also been a skirted issue and I suspect it will be skirted or denied to me tomorrow as well when we go into the branch, because afterall, they seem to think I am part of the problem and do not want to give me account access and be privy to the assumptions they have created. There have been these "mystery notes" that have been put on the account regarding fraud, check cashing and who knows what else that will not even allow me (possibly no one else besides my Mom) to cash a check in order to buy my Mother's groceries, all because they think they are protecting my Mother, from who? Her own daughter, family? She hasn't asked for them to do this, oh that's right, must have been that smile and nod my Mom gave them (without hearing or understanding a word) that gave them the ok to do it! They have urged her to close "compromised accounts" and get entirely new bank accounts and new checks 3 times in the last 9-12 months because "they" had suspicions! I have gone in there with my Mom numerous times and spoke to different reps, so it's not just the Assistant Manager, they are ALL up in my Mom's business and have treated me like I was a lying thief as opposed to a loving daughter.

Oh now to finish where I started regarding the conversation with the Assistant Manager today, I'm trying to be at least a little respectful by not naming her but she knows who she is....I will call her just "vindictive." When I went to my Mom's after I couldn't cash the check, we went to go online to check my Mom's balance before she gave me her debit card to get her groceries with that instead, somehow Mom thought it had to do with how much money was in the bank but that wasn't the case. What a surprise (Not) to find out that it was saying she needed to change her password. Ok, no problem, she answered all the appropriate questions (I typed them in as Mom can't see) and we changed the password to something she wanted, went through 5 screens until we were done.....ok to the log in screen, NOPE, it says "You have no accounts to access online" I didn't see that coming. So, I said to my Mom "I know you have enough money in there for groceries since we just checked your account earlier today when you gave me the check". So off I go to the grocery store and something told me to check her debit card BEFORE I got a cart full of groceries for her, yep, you guessed it, the Assistant Manager cut off access to my Mother's debit card use as well, sorry Mom, someone at the bank doesn't think you need to eat tonight. Really, this is how you treat a 91 year old customer just because her daughter who is tired of your branch's treatment of her is expressed? Shame on you.

I told my Mom of this entire situation today and she was upset enough but then was livid that there was no access to her money for groceries most likely because of my phone call to the bank. She can't understand that the only person who cares for her (Me) would consistently be treated like a thief (or implied that her family is) by a bank that seems to think THEY know best. Before we go to the bank tomorrow, I will sit close to her so I can hold her hand, so she can see me the best she can with her limited vision, so she can hear me and understand me as I slowly and clearly speak to her to remind her why we are going to the bank and remind her also that this will not be tolerated any longer and maybe she needs to find a bank that doesn't "bank so human" that they interfere with family and assume the worst when all we are trying to do is our best. If I'm lucky, she will be in a feisty mood and will hopefully blast these meddling bank women and put them back in their place as employees of a bank and remind them that they are NOT her daughter, NOT her friend, NOT her keeper. Most likely, she will just be a lady, smile and nod.......but close her account while doing so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Td Bank Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Incompetence.

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