My complaint was about how the bank decided to block me out of my account a few days after I had left the US, saying they saw suspicious activities.I had explained to them that it wasn't, and that I could have confirmed all the charges ,I could state to them where ,when and how much with proof.I had all the documents They needed .They then said to me that I would have to come in physically, which I explained to them that I would not have been able to do so as I was a J-1 student, who only possessed a student visa, which expires when we return to our country. In addition to this,that particular bank was not in my country.The bank was unreasonable,and after staying on the line for hours talking to representatives after representatives nothing was resolved.I sent emails to the fraud department and went as far as to reach out the initial bank that I created the account with,they tried to assist, but I was still blocked from my online account.I understand that they are just trying to protect my security, but they need to consider the fact that they provide cards to non US citizens who have to return to their respective countries, once their work permit is up,for some we don't have the option to travel for another year ,Others Don't even get another visa after the first expires.Telling us that the only way they could assist was by having us their physically is irrational and inconsiderate.

User's recommendation: Choose another bank.

Location: Kingston, Kingston

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