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I received a $30.00 gift card from one of my employers as a reward for years worked. My employer taxed me as a "bonus" on this amount as well.

By the time I was able to use the card, TD bank had taken ALL of the value from the card, leaving it unusable. I called the number and the representative was very unhelpful. WARNING to all. DO NOT EVER purchase these cards as gifts(unless, of course you don't want your gift recipients to ever be able to use their gift).

I used to purchase these for people around the holidays, but NEVER WILL again.

As a matter of fact I am reconsidering even doing any business with them. I will be looking for another bank very soon.

User's recommendation: Don't buy these gift cards. They are the biggest scam around.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Thank you for sharing bad experience with td bank.. i do not understand where are the banks regulators?

and what they do? they just sent me e-mail that banks HAVE to REPLY in 60 days in writing? Well banks DO NOT COMPLIES or REPLIES to anything EVER? + they will use you in class action WITHOUT any Consent and sent you voucher for 28 dollars for future services ONLY?

(lawyers would collect millions on BEHALF of the victims) and CONTINUE STEALING from somebody else?

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