Security protocol indeed!

I was victim of identity theft and quickly moved to freeze the 3 credit bureau's credit reports, filed with FTC, law enforcement, etc. I felt I'd done everything I could to stop the criminal from escalating this fraud.

A couple of financial entities that had been "approached" by the perpetrator(s) had the common business sense of contacting me before fulfilling the fraudulent request(s). Furthermore, these two entities followed up with letters acknowledging the incident and my inquiry. Not so with TD Bank:

On 2/11 I received a package containing checks, deposit slips etc, for an account with TD Bank opened under my name. My address on the check was correct except for the 'phone number.

I immediately called TD Fraud Resolution.

I gave all the pertinent details; I was immediately advised that the account would be cancelled forthwith. I asked for a confirmation number or some means of following up on this matter. He would not give me one. I was advised that I should follow up at a later date.

I call three days later, and I was not asked any details relating to this matter. I was simply advised that TD Bank DOES NOT CONFIRM CANCELLATION OF ACCOUNT DUE TO FRAUD. Stock answer: "Sir, those are our procedures. If you need any further info you will have to check with Global Security.(?)" TD Bank screwed up and issued a checking account under my name when my credit report was not accessible, on purpose.

Now TD Bank does not even want to acknowledge that they've taken the appropriate steps. I am thoroughly documenting this matter about TD Bank, lest I suffer financial damage through their negligence.

Location: Hialeah, Florida

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