I finally went back to work after being off for 2 months due to the pandemic. I deposited my paycheck last week and they put a hold on it!

It's still not clear and they did it to me again this week!!

Meanwhile they have let me take out the first $100 even though I have explicitly said I do not want an overdraft allowance and they charged me a $35 overdraft fee as well!!

So now I've been waiting for my checks to clear and they wont release them!

Absolutely disgusting during these times. Shame on you TD bank.

User's recommendation: Chase! Anyone but these guys.

Location: Somers, New York

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"hey have let me take out the first $100" You are a complete and utter fool. Why would you take out money you didn't have?

That's stupid AF. Not sure how you can blame them for your ignorance. Here's the thing, when you agreed to the terms, you claimed you understood your checks could be held and were an actual adult who knows how to handle their business. Clearly you are a fool.

Get direct deposit(if available) and stop acting like this is 1973 you jelly. OK say it...."You must work for them."


Your comment is totally uncalled for and foolish. He has a job and gets paid regular.

He had checks coming in from employment. I'm pretty sure he had $100.00 to take out from other deposits maybe not mentioned and if he did not then overdraft is disabled so it should have denied him. I just had this bank charge me an overdraft fee with a positive balance of well over 40 dollars. My money is spread across 2 different accounts.

Please just leave with your crap. No one needs to hear it.

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