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I have been a loyal customer to TD Bank for about 5 years.I do alot of business online and always charge my debit card for large purchases.

3 months ago, they flagged my account and froze my funds. I called them and they said they had to send AN EMAIL to their fraud department so they can lift the restriction. In my mind I'm thinking sending a carrier pigeon from wwi would get the message there faster! I mean, let's take a minute to really digest what is happening here...I am in the middle of making a large business transaction, they freeze my funds because their systems are too inadequate to tell 1.

Has this customer shopped on this site before? 2. Has he ever spent this dollar amount? To both questions, it is a bold, YES.

Now, I may lose out on this great deal because I have to wait 2 hours since this mysterious fraud department doesn't have phone service!!! I couldn't believe this, but I accepted it and later that day my card was working again. Today, I try to make another purchase on the same website, and the same exact thing happens, only this time, when I call, the agent insists there is nothing wrong with my account and there are no flags or limitations. I hang up and try the charge again...DENIED.

I call them once more..this time I say, "look, you're not going anywhere until this transaction is finalized". The rep stays on the phone after I try the charge 3 times! And STILL he does not see anything on his system...Finally, he says, "let me send an email to our fraud department, JUST IN CASE there is something I can't see on my system" ARE YOU F**** KIDDING ME?? How disorganized, how incompetent can these people and their systems be??

I let him do what this parasite has to do and I hang up. 3 hours ago, I decide to take my 3 kids, all under the age of 6 to Walmart, as always, you go in for dish soap and walk out with a cart full of everything..but the soap. The kids each have a toy, they are anxious to open them; I finally reach the cashier and swipe my card...D-E-C-L-I-N-E-D!!! I was in total shock!!

I said no, this can't be, let me try again..the line is growing and I am declined once more! I think quickly and say, wait a minute let me try the ATM. Well, to my surprise only a receipt prints and it reads "Suspect Fraud". I am completely appalled by this!

I am a fraud, against myself! I do so much business with these people, so many funds pass through all 6 of my accounts for me to be slapped in the face with this embarrassing occurrence. I go back to the cashier, apologize to the people on line and say look, void the transaction, I have to come back, unless, you take checks? She says yes, no problem!

And OF COURSE she puts the check through the machine and it too, comes back...DECLINED. I immediately call these incompetent fools and give them an earful, I am not ever going to give my business to this bottom of the totem pole bank who can't even afford raised letters on their debit cards for their beloved customers! As I was on the phone with the rep I made sure she heard me tell everyone on line, TO NOT USE THESE AMMETERS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1273406

This worries me.TD made me answer 4 Experian type questions to secure my account before they answered my questions.

I am already a customer.

Why don't they ask what other banks ask?Other banks don't ask third party CRA questions!

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